Knowledge Transfer & Exchange

Aims to translate research findings into improved identification & management of sleep disorders in people with quadriplegia.

A key goal of this program is to translate research findings into improved identification and management of sleep disorders in people with quadriplegia. All of the research projects conducted will be directly relevant to clinical practice for conditions such as delayed sleep phase syndrome and obstructive sleep apnoea.

The main objectives for the KTE project are to:

  • plan the methods of knowledge dissemination of the SHiQ program, including publications
  • facilitate the planned methods of knowledge dissemination to ensure maximum effectiveness
  • ensure study outcomes are communicated to all applicable external stakeholders
  • assist Project teams in ensuring that their planned knowledge dissemination activities complement the programs plan
The KTE committee represents people with quadriplegia, clinical researchers, practicing clinicians, industry partners, and healthcare managers, and plans the methods by which knowledge generated is disseminated to people with quadriplegia, other consumers, health care organisations, professional organisations, industry, the scientific community, and the general public. Resources such as our website, newsletter, booklets, journal articles, pamphlets and DVDS will be utilized. Through regular clinician, patient and industry workshops and training sessions, we shall educate clinicians, people with quadriplegia and industry partners throughout Australia on such things as the evidence in the literature for particular sleep disorders and treatments, the results from our experiments and their implications for clinical practice and the needs and priorities for clinical research in sleep in neurotrauma.

Opportunities to incorporate research findings into undergraduate and post-graduate University curricula throughout Australia will also be sought. International experts will be invited to visit to lead and participate in research projects and education and training sessions for clinicians and researchers. Our team of expert investigators will publish research findings and their clinical implications in a large range of international and national journals, books and websites. Team members shall participate in international and national conferences and organize local conferences on evidence based sleep measurement and treatment. Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for medical practitioners, surgeons and therapists, will be written, based on the research evidence.

Effective implementations of the outcomes identified in SHiQ are expected to lead to a significant, multifaceted improvement in the health of those people living with quadriplegia.

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