The SHIQ program consists of 11 projects being conducted in collaboration with 12 national and international organisations. Choose a project below for more details.

Blood pressure study To observe the diurnal blood pressure patterns in spinal cord injury.
COSAQ To establish the impact on sleep function of using a CPAP nasal mask and pump at night.
FES Cycle The effect of FES cycling on Periodic Leg Movements in Spinal Cord Injury patients
Health Economics To analyse the cost effectiveness of interventions designed to improve the sleep health of people with quadriplegia.
Imaging To identify some of the causes of sleep apnoea by investigating the upper airway anatomy.
Knowledge Transfer & Exchange To translate research findings into improved identification & management of sleep disorders in people with quadriplegia.
Mechanics To investigate why individuals with Quadriplegia have high rates of sleep apnoea.
Melatonin To investigate whether a melatonin supplement improves sleep and quality of life.
Oral Appliance To determine the feasibility, effectiveness and safety of a splint to treat sleep apnoea in people with chronic quadriplegia.
SOSAT Screening for Obstrutive Sleep Apnoea in chronic Tetraplegia
Upper airway physiology A place for central storage of the PSG and other data for this project